Clubman Reserve - Whiskey Woods

  • Multipurpose Highly Absorbent Powder: Clubman Reserve Whiskey Woods Cornstarch Powder is formulated to absorb odor and sweat, and to cut on chafing and can be used as an overall body powder. 
  • Post-Shave Powder, Feel Fresh All Day: Its premium formulation absorbs odor and wetness to refresh and comfort your manly skin. This offers a clean, crisp irresistible manly scent that you’ll surely love! 
  • Made From Cornstarch, Reduces Sweat, Odor, And Chafing: Clubman Reserve Whiskey Woods Cornstarch Powder is packed with Cornstarch that kicks the crap out of wetness and moisture, completely providing outstanding relief from chafing, rashes, friction, and skins’ discomfort after shaving! 
  • Keep Skin Nourished And Protected: Treat your skin right! Clubman Reserve Whiskey Woods Cornstarch Powder is A superior blend of micro-fine powders which helps to reduce excess moisture. Aloe-Vera infused, hydrating, soothing with a masculine fragrance to provide you with moisturized skin. Aloe-Vera is a natural ingredient that helps protect and heals your skin by nourishing it and stimulating skin regeneration when it is dry, damaged or irritated while keeping it dry and odor-free.
  • Made In The Us, Cruelty-Free, Quality Men Products You Trust!!

See Why Customers LOVE Clubman Powder...

"Smooth and Dry Feeling"

"I've been using this powder for several months this spring while my skin was "rebelling" against my regular after-shaves and deodorants due to medications I was taking. Clubman powder proved very light on the skin, leaving a good, smooth and dry feel behind without odd tactile sensation and with only a minor amount of pleasant fragnance. It also did a great job of keeping my armpits dry and deodorized during my exercises."

- Andro P.

"40 Year Customer"

"I've been using this product for at least forty years and will continue to do so for the next forty, assuming I last that long. It has a clean, old fashioned barber shop scent and reminds me of the powder used by barbers as far back as the 1950s because it's the one they used. After showering, and drying, I don't need to use any other product to keep me clean and fresh all day. It absorbs any lingering moisture around those parts of my body I wish to remain dry and odor free."

- Jimmy J.

"Lasts A Good 24 Hours"

"Very good product. Smells great and my wife loves it when I use this Talc. I have used this brand for years and will continue too. If anyone out there uses talc at all then they owe it to themselves to try this product. It lasts a good 24 hours and that is better than other brands that cost a lot more. It has a cooling effect on the body when you put it on . This one is white in color as some other fragrances have a different color. Thanks."

- Brian G.

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