Clubman Pinaud Lime

Clubman Pinaud Lime Sec Eau De Cologne, 12.5-Ounce

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  • COOLS, SOOTHES, AND TONES SKIN: Timeless and fresh! Say goodbye to redness and painful burns from shaving with Pinaud Lime Sec After Shave! Its unique formula puts soothing, toning, and antiseptic components to help make skin smooth and prevent skin irritation after a close shave while leaving a refreshing tingle. Perfect for sensitive skin! So, if you’re struggling with razor nicks, cuts, and burns, this aftershave tonic is the perfect way to revolutionize your shaving routine!
  • CLASSIC POST SHAVE WITH A ZESTY PUNCH: Like freshly picked lime, Clubman Lime Sec After Shave Lotion is the perfect partner to those warm spring and summer days! One splash and you're escorted to a Greek island with the sweeping sea to one side, and a citrus lime grove to the other, while traces of musk and exotic woods drift in the breeze. A true classic fragrance! Apply this to your face or body after a shave or after stepping out of the shower to keep that energizing scent and zesty feeling!
  • LONG-LASTING INVIGORATING FRESHNESS: Want to smell fresh all day long? Clubman Lime Sec After Shave Lotion will do that for you in seconds - just splash and go! Grab this light and refreshing fragrance that lasts long. This aftershave cologne doesn’t only make you smell good, but it also helps you achieve refreshed, toned skin right after a shave. Its price is very light on the pocket so you never have to worry about breaking the bank before getting one for yourself or for your loved ones!
  • ON-THE-GO AFTER SHAVE SPLASH: Here’s Clubman Lime Sec After Shave Lotion - a classic, citrusy fragrance that men have returned to for over centuries and has remained a highly affordable option! A must-have in every man’s grooming kit. It comes in a convenient 1.7 oz bottle - a perfect fit in your suitcases or overnight bags. Splash on this time-honored aftershave and breathe deeply of its fresh lime scent as it cools and soothes your skin, keeping you smelling invigorated no matter where you go!
  • CRUELTY-FREE, MADE IN THE USA, TRUSTED FOR GENERATIONS: A true neighborhood barbershop staple, the Pinaud brand and its Clubman line of fine men’s toiletries have been the go-to brand for men’s grooming products. Offering a wide range of popular men’s grooming products, Clubman remains true to the brand’s heritage while bringing to market must-haves driven by market trends. All products are 100 % cruelty-free - never tested on animals and proudly made in the USA!